Our School Partners

We're proud to partner with the following schools in Hong Kong that put students at the center of what they do and create learning environments that enable students to thrive (in alphabetical order):


Buddhist Chi King Primary School
Buddhist Tai Hung College
Bui O Public School
Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School
Catholic Mission School
CCC Kei Wan Primary School (Aldrich Bay)
Chinese YMCA College
Chong Gene Hang College
Christian Alliance College
Christian Alliance SW Chan Memorial College
Concordia Lutheran School (North Point)
Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School
CPC Yao Dao Secondary School
Fortress Hill Methodist Secondary School
Heung To Middle School (Tin Shui Wai)
HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School
HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College
Hong Kong and Macau Lutheran Church Ming Tao Primary School
Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School
Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College
Jockey Club Man Kwan Eduyoung College
Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Yuen Long)
Ko Lui Secondary School
Kowloon True Light School
Ling Liang Church M H Lau Secondary School
Lok Sin Tong Ku Chiu Man Secondary School
Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School
Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School
Ng Yuk Secondary School
NLSI Lui Kwok Pat Fong College
Pak Kau College
Pat Heung Central Primary School
Po Leung Kuk Yu Lee Mo Fan Memorial School
Po On Commercial Association Wong Siu Ching Secondary School
Pui Tak Canossian College
Saint Francis Xavier's School Tsuen Wan
Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School
Shak Chung Shan Memorial Catholic Primary School
Shanghai Alumni Primary School
Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School
Shun Tak Fraternal Association Lee Kam Primary School
SKH Leung Kwai Yee Secondary School
SKH Wei Lun Primary School
St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School
St. Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School
Stewards Pooi Kei College
STFA Yung Yau College
The Methodist Church Hong Kong, Asbury Methodist Primary School
The Society Of Boys' Centre Chak Yan Centre School
Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School
True Light Middle School of Hong Kong
Tsung Tsin Christian Academy
Po On Commercial Association Wong Siu Ching Secondary School
TWGHs Lui Yun Choy Memorial College
TWGHs Tang Shiu Kin Primary School
TWGHs Wong Fung Ling College
Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School
Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School
Fortress Hill Methodist Secondary School
About Us

Ednovators is a local charity founded by a group of education innovators. We inspire educators and cross-sector stakeholders to transform education and give hope to future generations of Hong Kong. We hope to see every child experience a learning journey that recognizes their unique gifts and needs, prepares them for a future that we don’t yet know, and empowers them to create their own meaningful lives. Ednovators is a tax-exempt charity (No.: 91/14481) under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong.