Our Impact

Since our beginning in 2015, we've worked with numerous stakeholders in Hong Kong and beyond to co-create learning journeys that embrace the individual in every child. We're proud of the impact we've been able to have on the future of education. Here are some of our top accomplishments:

Sparked conversations among
of all of local primary, secondary and special needs schools in Hong Kong through our community events and online webinars

Changed mindsets of teaching teams from
over60local primary, secondary and special needs schools
through our professional development training programs

over50experts in innovative education
from Finland, Netherlands, United States, Taiwan and locally, bringing inspiring ideas and valuable insights to aspiring education innovators in Hong Kong

“What transformations are possible within Hong Kong’s education system?”

We get this question a lot. Our Teacher Fellows are designing and experimenting different approaches in their classrooms and schools every day, making change one small step at a time. Could this happen at your school, in your classroom? Here are some of the topics these transformations focus around:

  • Redesigning curriculums
  • Developing new teaching methodss
  • Building better teacher-student relationships
  • Supporting the well-being of teachers, students and education stakeholders
  • Increasing students' agency through supporting self-directed learning, project-based learning and community-based learning
  • ...and more!
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We strive for each of our programs to change minds about what's possible within Hong Kong’s education system.

About Us

Ednovators is a local charity founded by a group of education innovators. We inspire educators and cross-sector stakeholders to transform education and give hope to future generations of Hong Kong. We hope to see every child experience a learning journey that recognizes their unique gifts and needs, prepares them for a future that we don’t yet know, and empowers them to create their own meaningful lives. Ednovators is a tax-exempt charity (No.: 91/14481) under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong.