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Jockey Club ‘Ednovation Fest’ is a pioneer showcase of local and global innovations in education. Year-round events include seminars and panel discussions led by local and overseas scholars and social and education pioneers, workshops and incubation programs, which aim to catalyze education innovations.

About Jockey Club ‘Ednovation Fest’

Jockey Club

‘Ednovation Fest’2018

November 2018 will be a month of re-imagining and experiential learning as we will be celebrating the annual Jockey Club Ednovation Festival. This year’s theme will be ‘Unite and Reinvent Education’. The aim of this festival is to gather like-minded individuals whose aim is to improve education.

A two-day Experiential Days will be held on 24th-25th November 2018 at the HKICC Lee ShauKee School of Creativity. Hong Kong school leaders, parents, teachers and students will have an opportunity to re-imagine primary, secondary and higher education, together with local and oversea educators to explore innovative learning environment, think outside of the box on pedagogies and search for learning and teaching resources.



Jockey Club Ednovation Fest 2018 themed ‘Unit and Reinvent Education’, collaborate with educators and leaders from various sectors to encourage educational innovation, as well as respond to the ever-changing needs of education in the 21st century. Key topics: Learning Diversity, Teachers’ Community, Multiple Pathways.

Learning Diversity

All students have a different way and pace of learning, which is based on their individual talents, interests, physical attributes, capabilities, and intelligence. Ednovators re-constructs a student-centric learning environment that allows students to learn capably, thus, creating an opportunity for independent learning. This learning environment also teaches students in accordance to their aptitude, with the aid of technology and other useful facilities.

Teachers’ Community

We work together with teachers to demonstrate the traits of teachers in the 21st century, to develop the professional learning network of teachers, to initiative the quality and meaningful self-examination of teaching, to honestly share ideas about teaching, to retain the original intention of education, to design learning pathways that are suitable for students, and to allow teachers to lead educational innovation.

Multiple Pathways

We probe into the role of schools for students facing an ever-changing society, and allow students to choose a suitable path for their future.

Let us work together to build upon our capacity, quality, and innovative spirit. We must create innovative educational plans to allow students to utilize their potential and establish a brighter future.

Jockey Club ‘Ednovation Fest’ 2016

Experiential Days Review

The first Jockey Club Ednovation Fest was launched in 2016. The activities and events attracted the attendance of over 3,000 committed teachers, parents, students, and social and education entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. The activities were supported by education departments of higher education institutions in Hong Kong.



Time to Start the Ednovation Journey

Please stay in touch if you would like to learn more about our activities, want to help promote educational innovation, or become one of our volunteers.


Ednovators is a local charity platform whose mission is to collaborate with educators and leaders from other sectors to increase innovations in education.

Founded in 2015 by a group of Hong Kong educators, creative practitioners as well education and social entrepreneurs, Ednovators has clear goals in education innovations which aims to co-create and foster a more student-centric learning environment for a younger generation in the 21st century and beyond.

Ednovators promotes practical plans on educational innovations by collaborating with schools and leaders from various sectors. Ednovators aims to create a better learning environment for students with different learning patterns and abilities. In addition, we have cultivated a great number of professional change-makers to bring in innovative ideas.

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