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Ednovators encourages teachers and social workers to have a long-term contribution to the development of education and social welfare. Innovative minds and a practical course of action are required when facing the needs and challenges of these two sectors.

About InnoPower @JC: Fellowship for Teachers

Continuously Promote the Developments of Education

WIn 2016, 500 teachers took part in a survey on Hong Kong’s Education System. The survey was commissioned by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, and was created to learn whether teachers were in need of educational innovation in their schools. Around 90% of respondents agreed that it was a necessity while the other 10% did not. The latter expressed that the challenges of heavy workload and lack of support for new projects may hinder any progress in promoting any development in education and would thus, waste their time and effort.
Based on these results, a team set up the InnoPower@JC: Fellowship for Teachers with the Hong Kong Jockey Club in order to respond to the teachers’ needs and establish a support network for teachers to overcome challenges that prevent their innovative talents to be used in the ever-changing education sector of Hong Kong.

Improve Innovation Capacity with Professional Training.

Teacher Fellows participate in a 10 week training program. During this program, the participants visit the Netherlands – a country well-known for being innovative – for two weeks, as well as another country chosen by themselves. This allows them to meet, inspect, and learn from other teachers. In addition, the participants can also experience the process of self-actualization and introspection, and learn more about innovative thinking.

Practicing What We Preach

After the 10-week program, our Teacher Fellows continue their journey in Hong Kong by collaborating with cross-sector practitioners to share ideas, to develop programs, and to makes improvements to the approaches to education. Putting their ideas into practice will help to cultivate the future of education for generation to come.

Build a Closer Community by Working Together

Teacher Fellows team thrives on networking and relationship-building with individuals who share common goals to promote and discuss the improvements that are required for innovation to nurture in Hong Kong’s education system.

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Time to Start the Ednovation Journey

Please stay in touch if you would like to learn more about our activities, want to help promote educational innovation, or become one of our volunteers.


Ednovators is a local charity platform whose mission is to collaborate with educators and leaders from other sectors to increase innovations in education.

Founded in 2015 by a group of Hong Kong educators, creative practitioners as well education and social entrepreneurs, Ednovators has clear goals in education innovations which aims to co-create and foster a more student-centric learning environment for a younger generation in the 21st century and beyond.

Ednovators promotes practical plans on educational innovations by collaborating with schools and leaders from various sectors. Ednovators aims to create a better learning environment for students with different learning patterns and abilities. In addition, we have cultivated a great number of professional change-makers to bring in innovative ideas.

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