Ednovators incubates innovations in education in Hong Kong ── This platform for educational innovation is founded by eight organizations which are led by committed edupreneurs, educators, social entrepreneurs and creative practitioners. Representatives of the founding organizations are the Board members of Ednovators. The founding team comprises broad range of expertise and experiences in education innovation, social innovation and social entrepreneurship, creative art education, value education, parents education, cross-generation education and collaboration, incubation, etc.


CreativeKids is an art and design studio for developing creative mindset, skillset and visual literacy in young people.

Together with its social enterprise, IM Creative, the mission of CreativeKids is to provide quality art and design education to children and teenagers, irrespective of social and economic backgrounds.

Since 1991, its ArtproachTM has evolved from a person-process-product-balanced curriculum to a facilitation-approach that mobilises families as positive change-makers.

The studios received the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Award (Bronze) for Arts Education in 2012-13 and the Culture & Creativity Award 2016 from the Hong Kong Association of Cultural Industries.


Ms. Angelina Lo-Chui, Founder & Director of CreativeKids PhD Candidate at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design

With an education background in fine art, visual design and Christian education from the US and working experience as art director in 4A advertising agencies in Hong Kong, she is a grateful recipient of local and international awards on advertising and graphic design. She is a dreamer, doer and advocate of art and design education grounded on her beliefs that all children have inherent creativity and design ability that can be empowered through experience and environment.

Da Vinci Education

Da Vinci Education is a company with rich experiences in providing quality language education programs and services. It also provides learning experiences for moral and character building.

Da Vinci Education is an expert in curriculum design and delivery. With solid experiences in customizing programs to cater for the needs of local schools, Da Vinci Education understands well the needs of the teachers and students and how to facilitate and maximize the teaching and learning impact. Da Vinci Education applies the multiple intelligence theory of Howard Garner to facilitate the learning and growth of students.

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Ms. Karman Wong

Karman Wong is experienced in developing education programs and providing quality education to local schools.

With more than 15 years of experience in the education sector and a qualified and experienced teaching team of around 50 teachers, Karman has led Da Vinci Education to be a reputable and reliable partner amongst schools to provide language and value education services to hundreds of primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Education for Good

Education for Good is an advisory body dedicated to social innovative development. It is committed to foster a new generation of social entrepreneurs and assist social welfare organizations, business and government departments to implement innovative services. Education for Good take parts in more than 80 social projects each year, including assist in the publication of the “Benefiting Hong Kong with Social innovation” (社會創新惠澤香港) policy research report to support the governance of the SAR Government; cooperate with Oxfam to promote poverty alleviation organizational innovation; and assist listed companies to formulate social participation strategies. In 2015, Education for Good was officially certified as a B-Corp.

Ms. Rebecca Choy, Co-Founder and Vice-Chair of Education for Good

Ms. Rebecca Choy is committed to promote social innovations and social enterprise educations. With 30 years of rich experience in organizing major international exhibitions and events, she has established HEADWAY TRADE FAIRS LIMITED and Neway International Trade Fairs Ltd. with operations throughout Hong Kong, Asia and Europe. Rebecca Choy believes in the idea of “passing on the torch”, and is committed to transfer their experience and knowledge to the next generation through different types of training. She is also a newspaper columnists and radio programs host.

Holistic Education Foundation

A foundation that promotes holistic education so that students can nurture intrinsic reverence for life and passionate love of learning. Its mission is to ensure that every child and student can find identity, meaning and purpose in life through connections to the community, the natural world and humanitarian values including compassion and peace. Holistic Education Foundation aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love of learning.

Mr. Kinal Ng, Founder of Holistic Education Support Ltd.

As an educator and father, Kinal Ng promotes education in an innovative way, and hope to create a space for free exploration and self-learning to benefit Hong Kong students, pushing Hong Kong education return to the student-oriented model, and fosters talented students with moral and creative thinking for the future. He founded Lovempathy Academy Ltd. to educate children with love and empathy, allowing them to break out of the campus and learn through real life experiences.

Sow Charity Foundation

Sow Charity Foundation is committed to promote parental education and educational innovations, as well as provide resources to help underprivileged families in Hong Kong through different kinds of service initiatives and social enterprises. The foundation not only provide parents with effective learning, but also spread a positive and healthy family culture as well as promote family and social harmony, and encourage collaboration of educators, parents, and the community to carry out social missions.

Ms. Rainbow Chow, Founder of Sow Charity Foundation

Founder and Publisher of Parenting Magazine“Shall We Talk”
Registered Social Worker in Hong Kong
Nationally Accredited Family and Marriage Consultant
Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Registered Horticultural Therapist
Accredited Baby Massage Instructor
Holder of Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Science in Social Services Management
Former guest lecturer and concurrent tutor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong
Deputy Executive Director at Project Flame hosted by the Public Administration Department, City University of Hong Kong
Dedicated to parenting education and training.

Teach For Hong Kong

Teach For Hong Kong (TFHK) is a growing movement of young leaders that drive systemic change in education with cross-sector collaboration. Through a one-year Fellowship Program, TFHK recruits and empowers the most promising and passionate young leaders to serve in underprivileged schools as full-time teachers.

Mr. Arnold Chan, the Founder and CEO of Teach For Hong Kong.

Arnold Chan is the Founder and CEO of Teach For Hong Kong. Since the start of TFHK in 2015, Arnold has recruited 74 graduates as teaching fellows to teach in Hong Kong’s underprivileged schools, serving over 10,000 students. He has raised over US$3mn to support the future development of the on-profit and TFHK’s story was featured on all major local newspapers. TFHK is mainly funded by the Government’s SIE Fund, The D.H. Chen Foundation and MTR.

The Good Lab

Being Hong Kong’s first Social Innovation hub, The Good Lab is founded by 7 local innovation platforms including Dialogue Experience, Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Make A Difference Institute, Social Enterprise Summit, Social Ventures Hong Kong, Education for Good and Solutions On Wheels.

The Good Lab builds a community for changemakers to promote the practice of innovative ideas through learning, sharing and social experimentation. The Good Lab is committed to promote social innovation education and development in the public mass, business, government and academic scenes, as well as foster cross-disciplinary leaders and work together to create solutions to solve social problems.

Ms Ada Wong Ying-kay, JP Founder and Chair of Make A Difference Institute Convenor & Director of The Good Lab

Ada WONG Ying-kay, JP has led a varied and cross-disciplinary career. She is a solicitor, cultural advocate, educator, cultural entrepreneur and social innovator.

In order to promote educational innovation and build up a creative civil society, Ada founded the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Cultural in 1998 and the HKICC LEE SHAU KEE SCHOOL OF CREATIVITY in 2006, which is the first high school in Hong Kong to promote creative education and nurture new generation talents for the local cultural and creative industries. .

She founded Make A Difference in 2010 to encourage Asian youth to promote positive social change. In 2012, she founded the Good Lab, an action-based think tank, shared space and a platform for social innovation, to promote social innovation and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

In early 2016, Ada has been invited by the Mayor of Seoul, Mr Park Won-soon, to join as member of his “Advisory Group for Seoul Innovation” together with social innovation leaders around the world.

Between 1995 and 2008, she was elected Urban Councillor, District Councillor and Chairperson of Wan Chai District Council. Ms Wong received her BA (Hons) from Pomona College, California, USA and Master of Education from the University of Hong Kong. She is an Honorary Fellow of Lingnan University and Hong Kong Institute of Education respectively.

The Jade Club

Founded in 2012, The Jade Club is a self-financing social enterprise serving the elderly, aiming to establish an innovative and sustainable operation model for the elderly services. It has promoted cognitive training as well as diversified and innovative active aging activities for over 180 local social welfare organisations, private elderly care centres and community elderly centres, so that the elderly can improve their physical ability and body functions, as well as enjoy social interaction through joyful activities. The Jade Club also encourages intergenerational education, gathering young people of different ages and backgrounds to exchange experiences with the elderly, promoting intergenerational understanding and inclusion.

Ms. LO Yuk Chun, Program Development Director, The Jade Club Management Ltd. Executive Committee Member, Social Impact Fellows Ltd.

Experience Highlight: Cross sector experience including teaching, radio and TV journalist, business entrepreneur and social entrepreneur

Christine Lo has been a change-maker all her life. She started working as a teacher, later in TVB and RTHK as a journalist for more than 10 years. Her family decision to relocate to Canada in 1989 changed her career into business. She continued her education dream and founded Da Vinci Education Ltd when she moved back to Hong Kong in 1998. She now dedicates her time in The Jade Club and Social Impact Fellows that advocates active ageing and intergeneration inclusion.

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Ednovators is a local charity platform whose mission is to collaborate with educators and leaders from other sectors to provoke innovations in education.
Ednovators was founded in 2015 by a group of educators, entrepreneurs, startups, and nine local educational institutions. The establishment introduces new and innovative educational ideas to schools, parents, students, and other participants of the programme.
Ednovators promotes practical plans on educational innovations by collaborating with schools and leaders from various sectors. Ednovators hopes to create a better learning environment for students with different learning patterns and abilities. In addition, we have cultivated a great amount of talent to bring innovations to education.

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