Jockey Club Ednovators Learning Collective

Amidst the challenges we faced in 2019, we have all been collectively reflecting on the type of education that we need in this ‘new normal’. What is the meaning of learning? What are the real needs of today’s students? What roles do schools, teachers, and other education stakeholders need to play? What is needed to nurture a future-ready young generation to thrive in a VUCA world (a world that is more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous)?


Instead of providing a single solution, we strongly believe in the creative power of sharing and co-learning between education professionals. Ednovators Learning Collective is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, and aims to advocate innovations in response to the paradigm shifts of future learning through three elements:


  • Curate and build a crowdsourcing online platform for education professionals and cross-sector stakeholders to share resources and have direct conversations as they learn together,
  • Facilitate a series of online and offline knowledge sharing sessions that bring in broader perspectives and connect community resources, and
  • Engage in capacity building, idea incubation and experimentation through customized workshops and coaching sessions for schools successfully selected through open recruitment.


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About Ednovators

Ednovators is a local charity founded by a group of education innovators. We inspire educators and cross-sector stakeholders to transform education and give hope to future generations of Hong Kong. We hope to see every child experience a learning journey that recognizes their unique gifts and needs, prepares them for a future that we don’t yet know, and empowers them to create their own meaningful lives.

Ednovators is a tax-exempt charity (No.: 91/14481) under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong.