Words are seeds that provoke changes and drive new learning and teaching.


撰文:Good Lab創辦人及董事黃英琦太平紳士 文章刊登於《am730》2016年12月2日 許多人誤解「教育創新」只與科技有關,例如用iPad上課,用軟件學習。誠然,科技是可提升個人化學習的創新工具,但教育創新不只科技,是為了回應多變的未來。   教育創新是指整個教育系統的重新思考,例如改變學習和評估方法,為老師充權,讓更多學生成功而不是感到沮喪;是革新「學校」的概念,體現多元和公義,讓不同能力的孩子有機會發展天賦。  ...

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「創新教育沙龍」第六節: Less is More — 快樂教養

本節創新教育沙龍最有朝氣活力。約八十位參加者,包括小孩出席〈Less is More — 快樂教養〉,聆聽三位嘉賓分享當新手父母,增進親子關係的經歷。整個活動充滿小孩笑聲和腳步聲。 中間兩位是King Kong爸媽(以及兩位活力充沛的兒子),右方是梁昊麟Harold,左方是沙龍主持,教育燃新的Kinal Ng。 King Kong 爸媽:放下工作,尋找家庭快樂 對King Kong爸媽來說,Less是指Less stress,減少工作和家庭壓力。More是指More joy,增添家庭樂。...

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男士作為一家之主,負起養家的責任,總是努力工作,達至事業上的目標之餘,更重要的是希望能帶給家人幸福無憂的生活。可是,男士每天在職場上衝鋒陷陣,有時候更需要加班、出外公幹等,能夠陪伴家人、教養孩子、分擔家務的時間實在不多。不但會錯過了孩子成長的歷程,更會影響到夫妻與親子關係。 德國一名父親沃爾克(Volker Baisch)深深明白男士在平衡家庭與工作時所面對的困難與挑戰,因此在漢堡成立了「父親友善協會」,讓爸爸們也能安心享受天倫之樂。...

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Ednovators is a local charity platform whose mission is to collaborate with educators and leaders from other sectors to increase innovations in education.

Founded in 2015 by a group of Hong Kong educators, creative practitioners as well education and social entrepreneurs, Ednovators has clear goals in education innovations which aims to co-create and foster a more student-centric learning environment for a younger generation in the 21st century and beyond.

Ednovators promotes practical plans on educational innovations by collaborating with schools and leaders from various sectors. Ednovators aims to create a better learning environment for students with different learning patterns and abilities. In addition, we have cultivated a great number of professional change-makers to bring in innovative ideas.

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